High School Programming

Founded in 2003, Brook Street High School is a State of Vermont approved education provider serving pregnant and parenting high school students with a child in the birth to age 5 range (not yet in kindergarten) . Located at the historic Brook Street School in Barre, we are part of Capstone’s Head Start Program. Accessing a full array of services, students not only graduate from high school but are empowered to build happy and healthy lives.


Brook Street High School students earn their diploma from their sending high school. Individual and small group work with our licensed teacher allows students to grow academically and personally, building the confidence and skills to reach their fullest potential. Instruction targets the different learning styles and curricula is tailored to support a student’s goals and interests, whether they are college bound or considering post-secondary employment. Low student-teacher ratios ensure that students receive the attention they need and deserve. We enroll up to ten pregnant and parenting students at any given time.


High School programming runs four full days each week: Mondays and Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays, 9:00-2:30. A delicious, healthy lunch is served daily - homemade whenever possible! Bagels, juice, milk and snacks are available in the morning. All food and drink options are free. Students have input into school menus.

Sample Monthly Schedule

Parenting and Family Supports

Weekly prenatal and parenting groups, playgroups and individualized support prepare students to become the best parents they can be. To encourage bonding, infants through four months of age may come to class, and families can access the on-site Head Start Early Learning Center for care for their children. An on-site therapist offers weekly individual counseling sessions to students. For those enrolled in Reach Up, case managers meet with students at school and work collaboratively with staff to create family development plans. Head Start family advocates work with students to solve family barriers such as housing, transportation, and financial challenges.


A fun, caring, non-judgmental community is the cornerstone of our school. Learning happens best when students feel safe and valued. At Brook Street High School, students forge bonds and lasting friendships because they share a life-changing circumstance – the creation of a new family.

On my first day at Brook Street High School, everyone was so welcoming and we all had something in common. We all were either pregnant or had a baby! After the first 3 days of attending, it felt like a big family. I wanted to come to school, I felt supported and I didn’t feel like I was being judged at all.
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