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Mission & Values


We are dedicated to creating resilient households and communities and to advancing justice in social, economic and environmental policy. We empower individuals with the tools and resources to move beyond poverty. Through advocacy and community collaboration, we champion positive social change. We guide people to have a voice in their own transformation and promote a vision of what is possible.


We are committed to these values in our workplace and our communities:

Dignity: We treat people with respect and build relationships with those we serve. We value humanity above all else and engage people with kindness and empathy so they know they matter.

Holistic View of Poverty: We understand poverty is complicated. We work with individuals and families to address multiple impacts of poverty on their lives. We understand the linkages between the health of the individual and the health of the community.

Equity: We advocate for resources to enable all Vermonters to meet their individual needs.

Empowerment: We believe sustainable change starts with a person believing in themselves and their potential. By providing tools, resources and support, we empower individuals and families with voice and vision for their future and active engagement in their communities.

Partnership & Collaboration: We partner with our fellow service providers, state agencies and community stakeholders to identify and address community needs and create opportunities for all Vermonters to thrive.

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