Head Start Staff Professional Development

Practice Based Coaching

Professional development such as coaching or mentoring is designed to positively influence teachers 'home visitors' practices, well-being, and knowledge. Practice Based Coaching has been researched and is proven to be highly effective in predictably and consistently changing adult behavior to increase implementation of high-quality teaching practices.

Practice Based Coaching is relationship based and supports specific goals each teacher identifies within their work to meet the needs of children and families. Practice Based Coaching and mentoring also works to increase teachers' confidence, skills, and job satisfaction which can reduce stress and increase joy in their work.

Early Head Start Teacher Mentor Pilot

In the fall of 2021, as a result of opening two new classrooms at our Learning Together Program, we initiated a teacher mentor pilot led by one of our veteran Early Head Start teachers.

The Early Head Start Teach Mentor Pilot allowed the Learning Together Center Early Head Start program to

  • Support new teaching assistants to improve the quality of services and instruction they provide.

  • Strengthen staff relationships

  • Promote career development for Learning Together Center staff

Some of our parents, caregivers and children receive Early Head Start and Head Start services right in their own homes. In our home visiting program, a trained home visitor comes once a week and works with parents, caregivers and their children. Together, the home visitor and parents watch and think about the child. They plan ways to help the child learn using parent-child interactions, daily routines, and household materials. A small group of children, parents, caregivers and their home visitors plan get togethers on a monthly basis for group socializations.

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The home-based program offers:

  • Highly trained home visiting staff

  • Parents as Teachers curriculum

  • Weekly 90 minute home visits

  • Twice monthly family group socializations called family outings

  • Individualized learning experiences for your child that you help plan and carry out

  • Support for locating services

  • Support in setting and achieving goals

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