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Tax Preparation

Filing your state and federal income taxes, small business taxes, Renter Credit, and Property Tax Adjustments can be confusing. That’s why our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is here to help families or individuals who make $60,000 or less.

Our trained volunteers and paid staff help you file during our normal tax season, or can help if you did not get a chance to file after tax season is over. If you have received a confusing letter from the IRS, haven’t filed taxes in a few years, or forgot to file a property tax adjustment claim, we can assist you at no cost.

We help thousands of Vermonters each year claim their refunds and credits and help put millions of dollars back into our communities.

How to schedule an appointment?

Please call our Tax Line at 802-477-5148 to sign up for appointments beginning February 5, 2024.  

How to prepare for your appointment? 

Each client will need to fill out the intake paperwork provided in the link below. 

VITA Intake Forms

Questions or concerns?

You may contact us year round by leaving a message on our Tax Line at 802-477-5148. 

Become a Volunteer

You don’t need to be a tax expert or a math whiz to be a VITA program volunteer. From answering the doors and helping folks fill out forms, to filing taxes, we provide yearly training to become an IRS certified volunteer. Whether you’re a student, working full time, or retired, there’s a place for you as a volunteer. 

Contact Laura Sudhoff, VITA Program Coordinator at (802) 477-5148 to learn more.

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