Landlords & Contractors

3E Thermal

3E Thermal provides technical support and cash incentives to help building owners make comprehensive “building performance” improvements in affordable multi-family housing.

Make your building:

  • More desirable to tenants

  • Safer and healthier

  • More comfortable

  • More durable

  • More functional

  • Require less maintenance

  • AND save on annual fuel costs.

3E Thermal has a broader scope than traditional weatherization programs. We’re not installers, we’re consultants. We get involved in the design process and support owners in determining the most effective energy efficiency solutions. Our major functions are to:

  • Analyze a building’s energy performance and define energy efficiency solutions

  • Offer incentives for solutions to create greener buildings

  • Provide contractors with effective, leading-edge techniques

  • Educate building professionals about state-of-the-art energy efficiency

  • Serve as the central communication hub on energy upgrade projects

In this short video, we explain our process for working with apartment building owners and contractors on energy retrofit projects.

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