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Media Kit

Capstone Community Action was founded in 1965 and works to overcome poverty by serving people in crisis and creating economic opportunity for people and communities. Capstone’s programs include emergency food, heat assistance, housing counseling and homelessness intervention, savings and credit coaching, business counseling, workforce development, home weatherization, transportation access, and child and family development programs in Early Head Start/Head Start. We serve over 10,900 people through these programs each year. www.capstonevt.org.

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Our Name

Capstone Community Action. Please use our full name in formal situations including, but not limited to press conferences, releases, media opportunities (TV or radio interviews), outreach materials, presentations, etc.

Capstone is the abbreviated version of our name. This is also an organization located on the West Coast so it’s always important to use our full name when doing outreach work.


"A brighter future is within reach."

Our Logo

The Capstone logo is a manifestation of our brand platform, and should appear in all official communications and channels. Its dimensions should never be distorted. Pantone colors are used as a reference for color matching and printing of the logo can be done with either spot or process colors.

The graphic element of the logo contains a person with arms outstretched to represent the human aspect of Capstone’s activity, the leaves both connote growth and a commitment to sustainability and the circle represents the intimate connection between these principles and a spirit of inclusion.

You can download a set of approved logos here.

Brand Colors

It's important to use official brand colors in all Capstone communications and channels.
You can find more information on brand colors and their use in our Official Style Guide.

Photo Assets

A collection of photos that represent Capstone and our values.

Capstone Community Action's Non-Discrimination Statement:

Capstone Community Action is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer. The bolded statement is required on all Capstone publications including, but not limited to Capstone annual reports, workshop and event posters, flyers, recruitment materials, letterhead (not envelopes), and websites (on the Home Page only). This statement is USDA-mandated due to our connection with the Rural Development and SNAP programs.  The Child and Adult Care Food Program mandates their full USDA Non-Discrimination Statement on program specific website pages as linked here: USDA Non-Discrimination Statement (English, and USDA Non-Discrimination Statement (Spanish). 


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