Community Economic Development

At Capstone, we believe in a community-based approach to community development. Our Community Economic Development programs build knowledge, wealth, and assets of the communities we serve. Through classes, coaching, and counseling, we help people build businesses and personal financial capability to lead successful financial lives and contribute to their communities.

  • Community Kitchen Academy
  • business
    Micro Business Development Program
  • Micro Business Development Program
  • Savings & Credit Programs
  • Workforce Development Program
  • Community Kitchen Academy
  • Community Kitchen Academy
  • Community Kitchen Academy
  • Tax Preparation Program
  • Micro Business Development Program
  • Tax Preparation Program
  • Micro Business Development Program
  • child with apple
    Child Care Food Program
  • 2020 Census Outreach

Programs in this department

2020 Census Outreach >

Everybody Counts so Let's Count Everybody!  

Child Care Food Program >

Assisting family child care providers to serve nutritious meals and snacks that appeal to children. The Child Care Food Program (CCFP) offers lifetime benefits.

Community Kitchen Academy >

Turn your love of cooking and collaborating into a career with this intensive training program while creating nutritious meals from rescued food for Capstone's food shelf.

Micro Business Development Program >

Have you ever considered launching a business?  Do you have a business but still have questions and would like to learn more about business management?From startup to long-term sustainability, we support new and established entrepreneurs to make their dreams and aspirations a reality.

Savings & Credit Programs >

 Are you ready to save for a first home, a business expense, higher education, or a car to help you get to work?  Would you like assistance with budgeting, debt reduction, credit building or saving? We can help. 

Tax Preparation Program >

Do you need assistance filing your income taxes? Do you want to know if you are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit? We can help.

Workforce Development Program >

Creating job opportunities and building a workforce that can take advantage of those jobs is an important piece of the puzzle to end poverty in Vermont. At Capstone, we develop partnerships across sectors, advocate for policies that support job creation and local economic development and implement innovative programs to get Vermonters to work building the sustainable communities of tomorrow.

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