Childcare Partnerships

The Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships bring together the strengths of child care and Early Head Start programs. Early Head Start provides comprehensive family centered services within high-quality early learning environments.

  • Lowers child and teacher ratios which means more quality time with each child.

  • Increased money for child care programs for more high quality materials.

  • Professional development for participating program staff.

  • Classrooms follow the research-based Head Start Program Performance Standards(HSPPS).

Integrating Early Head Start comprehensive services and resources into the array of traditional child care and family child care settings creates new opportunities to improve outcomes for infants, toddlers, and their families. Child care centers and family child care providers respond to the needs of working families by offering flexible and convenient full-day and full-year services. In addition, child care providers have experience providing care that is strongly grounded in the cultural, linguistic, and social needs of the families and their local communities.

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