All Staff Day 2022: Summer Camp Edition!

The team at Capstone Community Action was thrilled to have our first in person All-Staff Day in 3 Years on Monday, August 22nd!  

Hosmer Point Camp, in Craftsbury, offered something for everyone; hosting us with incredible warmth, delicious food, and plenty of ways to enjoy our one-day summer camp. From games and activities to a low key garden stroll, from a highly anticipated kickball game to trying out stand-up paddle boarding for the first time; our choose-your-own adventure afternoon was graced with mellow late summer weather, spectacular views, and plenty of laughs.  

We recognize that Covid is still with us and are so grateful to have access to a safe way for so many of us to gather, with some meeting for the very first time. Honoring each other, the work that we do, and our time together is particularly impactful in these challenging times. Thank you to all who were able to join us and already looking forward to next year!

Enjoy a selection of photos from the day, thanks to staff member Ramsey Papp. 

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