Income Tax Specialist



DATES OF POSTING:  10/19/2021-10/27/2021, OUF


POSITION: Income Tax Specialist


LOCATIONS: Gable Place


SCHEDULE: 20+ hours/week

CLASSIFICATION: Non-Exempt, Part-Time, Seasonal (January-April)

WAGE: $20/hour




Program:        CED- VITA                          

Job Title:        Income Tax Specialist                                         Pay Grade:  NA

Last Review Date/Update/Change of Job Description:      6/30/2021                   

A.  General Statement:  The Income Tax Specialist assists with the implementation of the VITA Tax Preparation Program, which helps low income families file their federal and state income taxes, and reap any credits and refunds due.  The Income Tax Specialist is a flexible 12 to 20 hours per week part-time temporary (seasonal) position beginning in January and ending in late April. The Income Tax Specialist (aka VITA Site Coordinator) is part of the Community Economic Development Program and reports to the Tax Preparation Program Coordinator.

 B.  Essential Functions:

  1. Coordinator, arrange for training and space for tax assistance
  2. Publicize program to increase volunteers and for families to utilize the program using media, printed materials, etc.
  3. Attend all training sessions as required by the Tax Preparation Program Coordinator.
  4. Achieve IRS certification at the advanced level by successfully passing the Internal Revenue Service examination. Assist in Program Development
  5. Recruit volunteers to provide income tax and/or supportive assistance.  With the Tax Preparation Program
  6. Learn proper and efficient use of specialized tax software provided by the Internal Revenue Service.
  7. Prepare weekly schedules for assigned site and ensure coverage of volunteers
  8. Provide assistance to all volunteers either in person on-site or via phone or internet in a timely manner
  9. Responsible for the preparation of reports as determined by the tax preparation coordinator as requested
  10. Submit to the Tax Preparation Program Coordinator all completed tax returns and supporting documents as requested.

 Direct Service:   

    1. Provide income tax assistance to income eligible individuals and families.
    2. Complete individual federal and state tax returns in an accurate, timely, and efficient manner using tax program software provided by the Internal Revenue Service.
    3. Ensure that each client receives every federal and state tax credit to which he/she is entitled.
    4. Prepare copies of all computer generated tax returns for client records.
    5. Responsible for tax preparation from start to finish. This includes communicating necessary information to clients via email or telephone.

C. Other Duties:

 1. Perform other duties as assigned, including entry into the agency’s data base.

D. Qualifications:

1. High School diploma or GED.

2. Knowledge of income tax preparation or ability to learn.  Certification at the Advanced level   must be achieved before the tax season begins.                

3. Good computer skills.

4. Good oral and written communication skills.

5. Ability to work with community partners and low-income persons.

6. A telephone, reliable insured transportation, and a valid Driver’s license.


Barre, Vermont

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