Financial and Energy Coaching Program - Team Lead



DATES OF POSTING:  8/9/21 – 8/17/21, OUF


POSITION: Financial &Energy Coaching Program Team Lead


LOCATIONS: Gable Place


SCHEDULE: Limited Service 9/1/2021-9/30/2024 | 40 hours/week

CLASSIFICATION: Exempt (salaried)

WAGE: $50,000 - $55,000



Program:  Community Economic Development, Savings and Credit Program

Job Title: Financial and Energy Coaching Program Team Lead

Last Review/Date/Update/Change of Job Description:  8/3/2021

  1. General Statement

Capstone is initiating a 3-year state wide pilot program for integrating energy and financial coaching for low and moderate income Vermonters.  This program, funded through the State of Vermont’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) will support 5 full time Financial and Energy Coaches who will work directly with income eligible Vermonters to increase financial wellbeing and self-sufficiency around credit building, debt reduction, saving strategies, and budgeting, using a combination of web-based measurement tools, 1:1 counseling/coaching, and group classroom training.  As part of the coaching process, coaches will engage clients in a discussion about personal energy use as it impacts their budgets-from thermal energy and utility consumption to transportation choices. Based on these discussions, coaches will provide direction to the client on tax credits, purchasing incentives, rebates, and other money saving opportunities that help the client reduce their reliance on fossil fuel technologies and make appropriate referrals to partner organizations who can guide them on their next steps.

The program will be managed by a statewide Financial and Energy Coaching Program Team Lead who will be responsible for launching and overseeing the program, including: organizing staff training, program outreach and marketing, partnership building, informing senior leadership and statewide Community Acton Executive Directors, and working with coaches to meet program deliverables. Additionally, the Team Lead will provide direct service coaching in years 2 and 3, if necessary.  The Team Lead will also be a member of the Energy Savings Counseling Group and contribute to the activities outlined in the plan for coordinated and enhanced delivery of statewide counseling services related to energy efficiency.  The Team Lead will be well versed in the basics of home energy, personal finance, and have an interest in climate justice and how gradual and cataclysmic changes to our climate have a greater negative impact on lower income and BIPOC communities.

  1. Essential Functions:
  1. Implement and Oversee the development and growth of the new Financial and Energy Coaching Program under the direction of Capstone’s Community Economic Development Director.
  2. Oversee the development of technology infrastructure for client progress, collecting data and marketing the program.
  3. Coordinate and attend trainings for 5 statewide coaches for Financial Counseling and Coaching accreditations; coordinate on-going trainings for maintaining accreditation.
  4. Collaborate with partner agencies such as Efficiency Vermont, Community Action Weatherization Efficiency Coaching Programs, Energy Action Network; organize trainings with partners.
  5. Identify and promote the myriad programs, incentives, tax rebates, and services available to lower income Vermonters that help reduce reliance on carbon technologies; arrange trainings as needed.
  6. Develop and implement statewide marketing and outreach plan for Financial and Energy Coaching Program, in partnership with OEO.
  7. Develop standardized 1:1 financial coaching content that incorporates energy efficiency “touch points” into each meeting or budget category such as housing, transportation, or utilities; Use discretion to adjust training and content as necessary.
  8. Engage with local energy-oriented groups including municipal energy committees and be available as a content presenter.
  9. Work with members of the Energy Savings Counseling Group to coordinate and enhance statewide counseling services related to energy efficiency.
  10. Inform coaches of legislative initiatives that promote Vermont’s contribution to lowering emissions and reducing the effects of climate change.
  11. Perform record keeping including documentation of education efforts, outreach and referral activities, and 1:1 coaching services.
  12. Provide monthly progress and outcome reports to Community Action Network Executive Directors and to the Director of Community Economic Development; make recommendations to senior leadership on program direction based on outcomes
  13. Prepare quarterly and annual reports to OEO.
  14. Provide remote or in person direct service financial and energy coaching to understand the interests and challenges of lower income Vermonters.


  1. Other Duties:
  1. Pursue education opportunities and training that further professional development
  2. Participate in the Community Economic Development Team
  3. Complete all required employee evaluations
  4. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Qualifications:
  1. BA/BS or higher in a field related to the scope. Five plus years applicable work experience may be substituted for a BA/BS.
  2. Project Management Experience highly desired.   
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills.  Excellent record keeping and organization skills.
  4. Strong marketing and communications skills including social media outreach (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  5. Experience managing and motivating remote teams and holding teams accountable for program deliverables.
  6. Experience in motivational interviewing and 1:1 direct service with income eligible persons desirable.
  7. Knowledge of or interest in Vermont’s legislative initiatives around reducing the effects of climate change.
  8. Knowledge of and aptitude for personal finance including budgeting, debt reduction, credit building, borrowing, and saving; Knowledge of and aptitude for energy sciences and related technologies desirable.


Barre, Vermont

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