Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging Consultant

Request for Proposal

The Hire of Consultant for Capstone Community Action’s Organization-wide

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Belonging Initiative

About Capstone

Capstone Community Action, founded in 1965, works to move individuals and families out of poverty. We provide emergency food, heat and housing assistance, workforce development and child and family development across three counties at five locations. We have 180 active employees who help people problem solve, find jobs, access transportation, manage finances, build assets, and start businesses. Over 55 years Capstone has developed a reputation of leadership for low-income families and as an incubator for innovative programs to elevate people out of poverty.  During the last Fiscal Year, Capstone Community Action served 3,250 households, representing 6,450 individuals.


We are dedicated to creating resilient households and communities and to advancing justice in social, economic and environmental policy. We empower individuals with the tools and resources to move beyond poverty. Through advocacy and community collaboration, we champion positive social change. We guide people to have a voice in their own transformation and promote a vision of what is possible.


We are committed to these values in our workplace and our communities:

Dignity: We treat people with respect and build relationships with those we serve. We value humanity above all else and engage people with kindness and empathy so they know they matter.

Holistic View of Poverty: We understand poverty is complicated. We work with individuals and families to address multiple impacts of poverty on their lives. We understand the linkages between the health of the individual and the health of the community.

Equity: We advocate for resources to enable all Vermonters to meet their individual needs.

Empowerment: We believe sustainable change starts with a person believing in themselves and their potential. By providing tools, resources and support, we empower individuals and families with voice and vision for their future and active engagement in their communities.

Partnership & Collaboration: We partner with our fellow service providers, state agencies and community stakeholders to identify and address community needs and create opportunities for all Vermonters to thrive.


Over the past year, Capstone Community Action formed a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee that meets regularly to review organizational DEIB efforts within our workforce, and externally in our work with the community. Our goal is to promote cultural change through real change. We have determined that the first step in reaching this goal is to work with a consultant to assess where we currently are and to identify improvements.

 Scope of Work

1.  Conduct an objective diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging assessment of the organization, including:

  • Personnel and Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • Organizational culture
  • Current initiatives
  • Accessibility to the community
  • Current demographics
  • Recruitment and hiring practices

2. Identify areas for improvement


Schedule for Submission and Selection (Subject to change)

  • RFP Released    11/17/21
  • Question Period   11/17/21 – 12/15/21                  
  • Proposal Submissions Accepted through    01/04/22
  • Review Process    01/05/22 – 01/19/22
  • Interviews    01/20/22 – 02/11/22
  • Consultant Selected    02/14/22
  • Contract Start Date    Subject to flexibility with selected consultant

We anticipate this will be six-month to one-year project.  We welcome feedback and suggestions for structuring the project timeline.

Proposal Contents

Your proposal should be emailed, as an attachment, to jobs@capstonevt.org with the subject line “DEIB RFP Proposal”.  PDF attachments preferred.  Proposals may also be mailed to Capstone Community Action, Attn: Human Resources, 20 Gable Place, Barre VT 05641.

  1. Project Approach/Methodology
  • Include a description of your proposed approach and methodology for the project.
  1. Work Plan
  • How the project will be managed and scheduled.
  • How the data will be collected.
  • How the analysis of policies, procedures, and documents will be conducted.
  • How the data will be managed and protected.
  • How the data will be presented and communicated to Capstone.
  1. Project Schedule
  • Include a six month to one-year project schedule timeline.
  1. Performance Measurement
  • Describe how you will monitor and share your progress.
  1. Risks
  • Identify potential risks and how those risks will be managed.
  1. Project Team Structure and Internal Controls
  • Provide a description of your proposed team structure and internal controls.
  1. Breakdown of costs


  1. References
  • Provide 2 – 3 references from past DEIB clients.

F. Qualifications

  1. Minimum of three (3) years of experience in developing and executing organization-wide DEIB assessment.
  2. Experience working with non-profits and businesses as a DEIB consultant.
  3. Strong knowledge of DEIB practices and current developments.
  4. Deep commitment to enhancing workplace culture and values related to DEIB.
  5. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written.
  6. Ability to complete the requested scope of work within the timeframe and budget proposed.

G. Terms

  1. Bidders must not exceed total budget of $20,000.
  2. The consultant must be available to start after the contract is awarded and commit to completing the scope of work within the timeframe.
  3. Capstone will retain ownership of all materials, templates, websites and electronic files, which shall be made available and turned over to Capstone within a reasonable amount of time after the date of such a request and no later than the date of project completion.
  4. Capstone reserves the right to not recommend any or all proposals and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in proposals received, and to recommend any portion of a proposal if deemed in the best interest of the organization.
  5. Capstone’s recommendation of a contractor shall be determined solely by us on the basis that the proposal submitted is the most advantageous for the organization.
  6. Capstone reserves the right to amend this RFP at any time and for any reason, as determined to be in the organization’s best interest.   
  7. Capstone does not guarantee that all submissions will proceed to interviews. Therefore, it is important that each proposal be submitted in the most complete and accurate manner possible.   
  8. If more than one consultant is part of the bid, a lead consultant must be identified.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your response and talking further.

Capstone Community Action Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee.


Barre, Vermont

Our Locations

Washington County

20 Gable Place, Barre, VT 05641
1-800-639-1053 or (802) 479-1053

Lamoille County

250 Industrial Park, Morristown, VT 05661 1-800-639-8710 or
(802) 888-7993

Orange County East

P.O. Box 321, 22 Whistle Stop Way, Bradford, VT 05033
(802) 222-5419

Orange County West

PO Box 284, 12 Prince Street, Randolph, VT 05060
1-800-846-9506 or (802) 728-9506

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