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In danger of running out of home heating fuel? Is your electric service on the brink of disconnect? In partnership with State and Federal agencies and with the assistance of Vermont utilities and private donors, we work hard to be able to provide these vital resources during times of need.

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Supplemental Fuel Assistance

If you are a home owner or renter who pays for heat or who even has heat included in the rent, the State of Vermont’s fuel assistance program (sometimes known as Fuel Assistance, Seasonal Fuel or LIHEAP) may be able to help you afford your heating bills and avoid a heating emergency.

Who is eligible? Your household income can be up to 185% of the federal poverty level. You can apply for Supplemental fuel assistance at any time for the current or upcoming season, but don't delay in applying for assistance!  Applications received after August 31st of the year may result in a smaller benefit.   

Capstone Community Action can assist with your application for the Fuel Assistance program which covers a variety of home heating fuels including wood.  We can help you budget and plan for the upcoming heating season. 

Is your furnace broken?  We can also help determine whether you are eligible for the Furnace Repair and Replacement program.

Crisis Fuel Assistance

Crisis Fuel Assistance: We can help you if you experience a home heating emergency during the winter months. If eligible, we may help you:
• Purchase the primary source of your heat (e.g., electricity, kerosene, natural gas, oil, propane, or wood);
• Purchase electricity if it is required to run your heating system; and
• Repair or replace your furnace.
We can also help you negotiate payment plans and will work with your electric or natural gas company to prevent disconnection.

Who is eligible? Your household income can be up to 200% of the federal poverty level. Applications are accepted starting the last Monday in November of the year through the last Friday in April (contingent upon funding availability).

Crisis Fuel Assistance cannot help you if the fuel has already been delivered or the furnace work has been completed, so do not wait until you have run out of fuel to apply; check your fuel often and call us when your:
• your fuel tank is at a quarter tank full!
• your propane tank is at 20%
• you have a weeks’ worth of wood or pellets left, or
• you have a current disconnect notice for your electric service

After Hours Crisis Fuel Assistance

We provide after-hours emergency assistance with heating crises for individuals and families across Vermont. Starting the last Monday in November until the second Friday in April, if you run out of fuel or have a heating emergency on weekends or holidays‚ call 1-800-479-6151 toll-free for assistance. After midnight, the after-hours staff is available only for clients who are elderly, disabled, or have children under 6 years old living in the household. Call to see if you’re eligible. For after-hours emergency furnace repairs or replacements, call 1-877-295-7998 during non- business hours such as evenings or weekends or holidays.

WARMTH Emergency Fuel Program

Limited funding is available for families facing heating emergencies. You must be nearly out of fuel or be in danger of having your service disconnected.

Who is eligible? Your household income can be up to 200% of the federal poverty level. WARMTH may available October through May. The amount per household is limited.

Power Partners

Limited funding is available to help pay past due amounts on electric bills to avoid disconnect. Power Partners was established by Green Mountain Power for Green Mountain Power customers only. Who is eligible? Your household income can be up to 200% of the federal poverty level. Call us for availability and specific details!

Green Mtn Power Energy Assistance Program

Available for GMP customers at or below 150% of the federal poverty level. Call us for an application to help you save money on your electric bill.

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Contact:Brian Tagliaferro, Capstone Community ActionPhone (802) 479-1053

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Yvonne Lory, Capstone Community ActionPhone: (802) 479-1053Email: ylory@capstonevt.org 

For Immediate ReleaseContact:  Brian Tagliaferro, Capstone Community ActionPhone: (802) 479-1053Email: btagliaferro@capstonevt.org   

Contact:Yvonne Lory, Capstone Community ActionPhone (802) 479-1053

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