Children's Hour Supervised Visitation

Need a safe and affordable place to visit with your child? Need a neutral place to transfer a child for visitation? We are here for you.

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Overview-Children's Hour

Children's Hour offers supervised visitation and exchange services for families. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for children to visit with a noncustodial parent and a neutral location for parents to transfer a child for visitation.

Many referrals for service come from Vermont Family Court, but you can use Children's Hour services even if not required to do so by the court.

Safe and fun supervised visits are scheduled on weeknights and weekends. Parents and children can spend quality time together reading a book, doing homework, playing games, or doing arts and crafts. Phone monitoring is also available.

Safe Exchanges drop-off and pick-up times are scheduled for custodial parents to transfer children to noncustodial parents for unsupervised visits.


Anyone in Washington County in need of services is eligible.  We offer a sliding fee scale to keep costs affordable.

Contact Us at Children's Hour

Contact us at (802) 479-1053 or by emailing


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