Workforce Development Program

Creating job opportunities and building a workforce that can take advantage of those jobs is an important piece of the puzzle to end poverty in Vermont. At Capstone, we develop partnerships across sectors, advocate for policies that support job creation and local economic development and implement innovative programs to get Vermonters to work building the sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Job Training

We develop programs and provide services to ensure Vermont workers have the skills and knowledge necessary to get jobs and succeed in today's workforce.


Training in Partnership for Success (TIPS):

TIPS is a statewide partnership managed by Navicate (formerly known as Linking Learning to Life), which is funded through a grant from the Vermont Department of Labor.  Central Vermont TIPS is coordinated by Capstone and includes partnerships with area high schools, education providers and local businesses.  The program is typically comprised of a classroom component focusing on a range of employment readiness issues and a 40-hour unpaid internship with a local business.  Some internship placements have led to permanent full-time positions.

Vermont Green:

In 2013, Capstone wrapped up the Vermont Green Energy Training Partnership, which served nearly 2,500 Vermonters over 2.5 years.  Participants received training that resulted in credentials recognized by a wide variety of employers across the broad “green” sector.  Approximately 1,900 participants were either placed in employment or advanced in their current positions.  The program has been recognized for exemplary practices and was one of the top-performing labor-related grants of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).


Workforce Advocacy

 We advocate for state and federal policies that support the pursuit of education, training, and employment.


Vermont Coalition for Workforce Solutions (CWS):

CWS (Capstone is one of the founding organizations) is an informal network of workforce development practitioners and others advocating for a dynamic, well-organized system of training and education in Vermont.  The Coalition’s mission is to assist all Vermonters to develop the knowledge, skills, habits, and experiences needed to contribute to and benefit from a vibrant economy, while simultaneously building a homegrown workforce that guarantees Vermont’s long-term economic viability.  In collaboration with local partners, the National Skills Coalition helped form the Vermont Coalition for Workforce Solutions and provides ongoing technical assistance.

Meeting semi-annually and in ad-hoc committees as needed, the coalition has successfully advocated for new investments and policies to better prepare Vermont’s workforce with the skills for in-demand jobs. These new investments and policies include:

  • CWS was a driving force behind the passage of Act 46, Vermont’s “Next Generation Bill,” the state’s first comprehensive workforce development legislation.
  • In partnership with the Vermont Department of Labor, CWS helped facilitate a process by which the state vetted nationally recognized systems for work readiness credentialing, initiated pilot programs, and finally adopted a statewide system.
  • Conducted an analysis of the ROI from investments made in education and training programs across the state.


Workforce Partnerships

We pull together strong Vermont workforce partnerships to conduct programming, facilitate communication among stakeholders, and advance education and training opportunities for Vermonters.


Central Vermont Regional Workforce Partnership (CVRWP):

Capstone is home to the CVRWP, which was formerly known as the Workforce Investment Board or “WIB.”  Regional workforce partnerships exist throughout the state to serve as a forum for businesses/employers to connect with education and training providers to identify training needs and training solutions directly related to anticipated job openings in a given region.  Among the principal functions of the CVRWP is the annual Central Vermont Job Fair, which took place most recently April 4, 2014 at the Barre Auditorium.  One of the most successful annual job fairs in the state, as evidenced by the 64 vendors and nearly 900 jobseekers who attended in 2014, the next Job Fair is scheduled for April 1, 2015.  The CVRWP is funded through a Vermont Department of Labor grant.

Technical Assistance Partnerships:

Capstone holds contracts for technical assistance and grants management on large workforce development initiatives, particularly projects funded through the US Department of Labor.  Capstone boasts a long and highly successful track record of competing for and managing a variety of complicated grants from federal funding sources.

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