Tax Preparation Program

Do you need assistance filing your income taxes? Do you want to know if you are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit? We can help.

Overview-Tax Program

We are currently preparing for the 2021 tax season. Due to Covid-19, all services will be provided by appointment only. 

We will mail out tax packets in January with forms and full details of the process to everyone who had their taxes done with Capstone last year. If you did not have your taxes done with us last year, please call us and request a packet. 

Please call our dedicated tax line at 477-5148 and clearly leave your name, address, and a good phone number.

Please be patient in waiting to hear from us. You may also email:

We will be working out of our three Capstone office sites this year. They are in Barre, Morrisville and Randolph. We will not be available at any other locations. 

The Renter's Rebate program is the same as last year. Vermont did not make changes to it as anticipated due to the coronavirus.  

The VITA program does basic tax retuns for folks with annual incomes up to $57,000.  We also prepare basic Schedule C's for the self employed. 

Want to prepare and file your own taxes?  Those who wish to, may file on their own online at the IRS ( and Vermont ( websites. Or go to: which is a VITA-supported site. There is no fee for those earning $64,000 or less; there may be a nominal fee for state filing for those who earn more.


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Capstone has been preparing tax returns for low-to-moderate income central Vermonters for nearly 25 years. Dedicated volunteer tax preparers will help you electronically or traditionally file your federal and state taxes and ensure that you receive your Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and any other credits for which you qualify, including Renter's Rebates. We also file VT Home Declarations. The VITA program is supported by the Internal Revenue Service and Capstone Community Action.

All tax preparation for the 2021 tax season is by appointment ONLY. We cannot accept walk-ins or drop-offs. We will begin mailing tax packets in January with detailed instructions. Appoinments will start in February. Please note that the IRS will not issue any refunds for returns claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit before Feb. 15, 2021. 

Please call our tax line at 477-5148 to request a tax packet be mailed to you. Clearly state your name, address, and phone number. 

Or download and print the following three files. 


During the active tax season, we cannot assist with prior year tax return preparation or problems. We are happy to do so once the season is over after April 15th.  

Those who wish to, may file on their own online at the IRS ( and Vermont ( websites.  You may also use the VITA-supported online taxsite which will walk you through the process by asking questions. 

Please call our tax line at 477-5148 with any questions or problems, such as a current year tax letter from the IRS or State.  Please leave a clear message with your name and phone number and we will call back as soon as we are able. Please be patient. You may also contact us at






Contact Us at the Tax Preparation Program

For questions about our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, contact or call our Tax Line at 802-477-5148.



Do you want to volunteer to prepare taxes? Capstone needs you!

This tax season, Capstone is once again partnering with the IRS to be a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site. Through this program, community members volunteer to assist folks in preparing their tax returns. We also need volunteers to be "greeters", who welcome taxpayers and make sure they have brought all their paperwork.

No experience is necessary; orientation and training are offered in the months of December and January. We supply all of the materials and equipment for you to become an IRS-certified VITA volunteer. You gain a great skill while helping your community!

Volunteer commitment time is based on your schedule and availability, including at least one experienced preparer per shift. Typically, volunteer tax preparers spend approximately one day per week (4 hours), during the months of February through mid-April at a Casptone tax site location of their choosing.   

If you are interested in this great opportunity to engage with your community, look no further than Capstone’s VITA program. Contact Laura Sudhoff, or 802-477-5176 our tax progam coordinator to learn more or to register to volunteer. 

Please call our Tax Line for all other tax-related questions, comments or concerns: 477-5148

VITA 2021 Tax Season Schedule

Capstone WILL provide FREE tax preparation for the 2021 tax season.

Due to Covid-19 we have made changes to the procedures. Most of the process will be remote. However, there may be minimal in-person contact, following Covid-19 rules. This means you must wear a mask and should not come if you are feeling ill or may have been exposed to Covid-19. 

Everyone will need an appointment. We cannot accept walk-ins or drop-offs without an appointment.

We will automatically mail a tax envelope in January with full details to everyone who had their 2019 tax return prepared at Capstone. If you did not have your taxes done with Capstone last year, you may request to have a tax envelope sent to you - see below. 

Here's a brief overview of how it will work:

  • You complete the tax forms we provide - one from the IRS and one from Capstone and gather your tax documents.
  • You make an appointment for a SHORT in-person interview at one of our Capstone offices - Barre, Randolph, or Morrisville.
  • At your appointment, the VITA volunteer will review your materials to ensure everything is included. You will leave your tax documents with them. They will prepare your return remotley.
  • The VITA person will call you when the tax return is complete and set up an appointment for you to come in person to sign your return and recieve your copies. Both spouses need to sign on a "married filing jointly" return. The returns will then be filed with the IRS and State as appropriate.

Please call our dedicated tax line at 802-477-5148 to request a packet or to set an appoinment. Please clearly leave your name, address and number to be mailed a tax packet.  If you have filled out your tax packet and want to make an appointment, please leave your name and number and we will call you back. 

You may request a packet or appointment by email at:

You can also download the forms and letter on the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) page using the navigator at the upper left.

Using our VITA tax service is FREE and you get your refund as quickly as you would from paid preparers. 

Before coming in for your interview appointment to have your tax return prepared, please be sure you have ALL the required documents. Employers, banks and others who issue tax documents are supposed to provide them to you by January 31st each year.

All filers will need to present a photo ID for all adults on the return and Social Security CARDS for all people (including dependents) listed on the tax return. If married filing jointly, both spouses will need to sign the returns. And don't forget your checking and savings account numbers and routing numbers if you want direct deposit.

Our filing service includes both Federal and State returns and is free to qualifying taxpayers meaning those with annual incomes up to $57,000. We also file for folks who only need a Renter's Rebate or Homestead Declaration. We prepare basic Schedule C's for the self-employed as well.

Our VITA volunteers are IRS-trained and certified. We use IRS-specified computer software to prepare your return. You then have the choice of having us e-file your returns or to print out the forms for you to mail. Likewise, you may elect to recieve your refund electronically deposited directly to your bank or have a check mailed to you.

Consider splitting your tax refund between your checking account and savings account!  It's an easy way to save some money--you provide your account numbers and bank or credit union routing numbers, decide on an amount you want deposited to each account, and we will enter the information on the proper tax form.

For those interested in preparing their own tax return, you may file online by going to and These sites have free options for some filiers. You may also use the VITA-supported free site: which will walk you through the steps to filing.







Save Some, Spend Some-Make the Most of Your Tax Return!

Many Americans look forward to tax time because it's an opportunity to use refunds to get ahead by prepaying for larger expenses, paying down existing debt, and purchasing goods that they otherwise are unable to afford during the year. It's also a great time for households to build an emergency savings account or make a deposit to a retirement account. This year, Capstone is encouraging all tax payers to deposit a portion of their refund into a savings account or a retirement account. Just think, 30-40-30!  30% to pay past debt, 40% for current use, and 30% for your future savings!

  • If you have just a checking account, ask your bank or credit union to open a savings account that you can use to save part of your tax return, or call Capstone's Liz Scharf at 477-5215 or for recommendations on low-cost starter savings accounts.
  • Not sure where to start with a retirement account? Liz can help you with that as well: Liz Scharf at 477-5215 or
  • Bring your savings account number and financial institution's routing number to a Capstone VITA site and we will set up the split deposit of your tax refund.

Let the tax season be your opportunity to jump start your financial future!


Watch Laura and Liz talk about tax time on Fox44/ABC22!

Laura Sudhoff, Tax Program Coordinator, and Liz Scharf, Savings and Credit Program Coordinator, talk about filing taxes and the importance of saving a portion of your refund at tax time.


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