Management Services

Our experienced team can help you to navigate change and challenges at your Community Action Agency or Nonprofit Human Services Organization. Whether it is recruiting and hiring key leadership positions, interim management support or restructuring, we can help you to avoid costly mistakes and turn crises into opportunities.

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Overview-Management Services

Capstone Consulting includes a team of professionals with over 150 combined years of experience including that of an Executive Director, Director of Operations, Head Start Director, Fiscal Director, and state CSBG Director.  Using the talents and experience of these individuals, Capstone provides comprehensive support on a variety of important issues to Community Action Agencies, State CSBG Offices, and human services nonprofit organizations.  We can help you to build capacity within your organization, turn crises into opportunities for improvement, meet state accountability measures, and conduct independent agency assessments. 


Services-Management Services

Sometimes agencies find themselves in challenging situations such as being faced with re-competition for a Head Start program, rebuilding the agency after losing a Head Start program, and having someone in a key leadership position leaving resulting in a gap in the ability to provide perhaps Head Start, fiscal services, or agency leadership.  While these scenarios are not ones that any of us want to face, we know that these things do happen.  Capstone Consulting provides the support you need including:

  • Leadership search and hiring services to individual community action agencies.
  • Assist boards and/or senior managers in recruiting, interviewing, and hiring a new Executive Director, Fiscal Director, head Start Director, HR Director, and/or other senior leadership staff.
  • Interim management services
  • Capstone can provide short-term (3-4 months) stabilization services including interim Executive Director services, Fiscal support and services, and/or Head Start Director services until permanent replacement(s) can be hired.
  • Assist agencies that face or are responding to re-competition for Head Start.
  • Capstone has an experienced Head Start team that has passed all of its reviews, serves as part of the Head Start review teams, and writes Head Start grants for Capstone as well as other agencies.
  • Capstone assists agencies who have lost Head Start funds to restructure and re-focus to adjust to the loss of Head Start funds.

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