As a financial coach, I often get the question, “should I put my extra money into savings or pay down my debt quicker?” 

Financial Coaching At Capstone Community Action: in Barre, Morrisville and Randolph

Janie* is a single mom who knows first-hand how expensive Rent-to-Own stores can be when you’re living on a fixed income.  Several years ago she signed a contract for a laptop but because the payments were so expensive, she couldn’t keep up with the bills and had to return the computer a few months later.  “They (Rent –to-own stores) are way too expensive “, she cautions, “I’m never dealing with them again.”    On the flip side are Andrea and her husband Mike.  She reports that they own furniture

Haven’t thought much about retirement?  You’re not alone.The Federal Reserve just released its comprehensive report on the financial well-being of Americans[i] and the results are noteworthy.  The study covers a number of financial subjects that affect Americans at all income levels such as savings, credit, debt, student loans, homeownership, banking habits and retirement.

When I saw my aged parents’ phone number on the caller ID early this morning my first reaction was “uh oh, what happened now”.  Visions of my mother falling or my father taking ill filled me with dread as I picked up the phone to receive the news.  “A bear has broken a window and gotten into the house and made a terrible mess” my mother reported frantically from the upstairs phone.


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