Why We Need Small Businesses

05 May 2015

When a bear breaks into your aged parents’ house, it’s time for a visit to the local deli.

When I saw my aged parents’ phone number on the caller ID early this morning my first reaction was “uh oh, what happened now”.  Visions of my mother falling or my father taking ill filled me with dread as I picked up the phone to receive the news.  “A bear has broken a window and gotten into the house and made a terrible mess” my mother reported frantically from the upstairs phone.   Since my mother had been increasingly failing in the memory department and she could barely walk on her own, I pressed for more information.  Where was Dad?  Can I speak with Dad?  Find Dad, please.  As she hobbled to the top of the stairs I heard her call out to my dad, “Chuck?  Chuck?” 5 minutes later she returned to the phone to report that she couldn’t find my father.  Couldn’t find him?  Where was he?  I told her I’d get in touch with a neighbor and call her back.  After leaving a message with the neighbors to please check in on my parents I called my mother back.  No Answer. Where WERE they?  Thoughts of the bear, or worse—a burglar holding them hostage as he stole the antiques and wads of cash they hid in a tin box made me more nervous.  Do I cancel my dentist appointment that I made 6 months ago?  Do I call the police?  Sending the cops to my parents’ house far in the countryside just didn’t make sense.  Or did it?  As I mulled over this predicament I got a phone call—my parents’ neighbor had gone down and checked on them.  “Your mother’s confused.  She thinks someone broke it.  Your father said it was just a bear.  The house seems fine.”  Relieved, I dashed off to the dentist, leaving my breakfast and lunch box sitting on the kitchen counter.  As I waited in the dentist’s office, the receptionist got a phone call.  It was my mother (she had remembered where I was going!).  “A bear broke into the garbage room in the shed” she reported.  Relief.  No bear in the house.  My parents were fine—for now. 

Returning to the office, I realized I had left my meals at home in my rush to the dentist.  That’s when I remembered a newish lunch spot, Morse Block Deli, not far from my building that had a sandwich board outside advertising “fresh breakfast sandwiches”.  These guys had worked with the micro-business development department at Capstone Community Action where I work, and rumor had it they made a darn good sandwich.  I grabbed a colleague and we headed over.  There I ordered a most delicious egg-avocado-tomato on a warm English muffin sandwich I’d ever had.  And a fresh cup of coffee too.  Without this little local gem of a deli, I don’t think I would have made it through the day—but thanks to the guys at Morse Block, a small business with big ideas, my morning that started out as a possible catastrophe, had a happy, and tasty ending.  So, next time a bear breaks into your parents’ house, or you’re simply feeling like you need a pick-me-up, pay a local coffee shop or deli a visit—and thank them for being a part of your community!

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