COVID-19 Recovery Resources

26 August 2020

Resources to support Vermonters recovering from COVID-19.

Are you struggling to recover from the impact of COVID-19?

Capstone Can Help:

The Vermont COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program (VCAAP)
We can help eligible Vermonters suffering economic hardship from COVID-19 pay their arrearages for residential and non-residential utility accounts. You may contact us at (802) 479- 1053 or apply online now at

Line Extension Customer Assistance Program (LECAP)
LECAP provides up to $3,000 in assistance to qualifying and eligible consumers who need line extensions to access high speed Internet service. To apply, you may contact us at (802) 479 -1053.

Rapid Resolution Financial Assistance for housing
Short-term or one-time financial help for those experiencing homelessness to achieve safe housing. Call us at 802- 479-1053. 

Everybody Eats   
Restaurants are paid to prepare nutritionally balanced meals for those impacted by COVID-19 by using 10% of VT products. Organizations work with Everyone Eats to request meals, or individuals can request meals.   
You may also use this Google enrollment form:

Unemployment is taxable
If you are receiving unemployment benefits, the IRS reminds you to have your tax withheld or pay quarterly estimated taxes to help you avoid a tax-time surprise.  You may contact our Tax Preparation Program Coordinator at (802) 479-1053 with questions or concerns. 


Additional Resources:

Lamoille County residents may reference a full resource list compiled by LAH2S-RCC:


Vermont Legal Aid programs 

Mortgage Assistance Program
This program can pay up to six past due mortgage payments on your home. It is available to all Vermonters who are at least 2 months past due on mortgage payments, have a COVID-related hardship and meet the income requirements. Even people who have mortgages in forbearance are eligible. The application deadline is August 31, 2020, but this deadline very likely will be extended into the fall. Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) is taking applications for the Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program. (you do not need to have a VHFA mortgage to be eligible). Learn more about the mortgage assistance on 

Help with past-due rent
For help with past-due rent, Vermonters should apply for the Rental Housing Stabilization Program through the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA). Tenants and landlords apply for this program together. There are no income guidelines. VSHA pays landlords directly to bring the tenant’s rent account current. This program will last until December 30, but apply soon, because the program is first-come, first-served. You can get help now, and if you need help again in the fall, you can apply again for the rent that is due then. Learn more about this help for paying past-due rent on .

Moving to a more affordable apartment
If you need to move to a more affordable apartment, and you have found a landlord with an affordable rental unit to move into, you may also be eligible to get help from the Rental Housing Stabilization Program. The program can cover the money needed to move in (for example: first, last and security deposit). It also may cover rent payments through the end of the year. You and your new landlord will need to apply together. Learn more about this help on .

Emergency housing for people who are homeless
The Department of Children and Family's (DCF) Economic Services Division is extending housing supports for homeless households. For more information or to apply, contact the Benefits Service Center at 1-800-479-6151.  Follow this link for the program rules.

If you stay in a shelter or motel, you need to participate in “coordinated entry.” Through coordinated entry, you will be assigned a housing case manager who will help you access subsidies and programs to help you get permanent housing. To learn more about coordinated entry, call 2-1-1. If you worked with your case manager to apply for a subsidy or other program and your application was denied, call Vermont Legal Aid at 1-800-889-2047.

Past Due Utility Bills
The Department of Public Services (DPS) can help with past due utility bills. DPS will provide assistance for account holders with a past due balance of electric, natural gas, landline telephone service or regulated private water bills (not municipal water). Homes and small businesses are eligible. There are no income guidelines, and you don’t have to have a disconnect notice. However, your difficulty paying the bill must be linked to COVID. The funding only covers arrearages after March 1st 2020. Learn more here:


Rental and Housing Assistance

Rental Stabilization Assistance Program at the Vermont State Housing Authority Offering support for Landlords and Tenants

Applications processed on first-come, first-served basis.  Need help navigating the program?

Tenants call VT Legal Aid at 1-800-889-2047.  

Landlords call VT Landlords Association at (802) 985-2764 or (888)569-7368   (no membership required). 


Mortgage Assistance Program at the Vermont Housing Finance Agency

Support for those who are behind on their home mortgage payments. Applications accepted from July 13 - August 31 priority given to those most in need/at risk of foreclosure. 

Need help navigating the program? Call 1-800-889-2047 Monday through Friday, 9 am - 4 pm.


VT State Rental Rehab Program at Downstreet Housing & Community Development 

Grants for Landlords to complete apartment repairs. The program is in development; applications available soon. If you need help navigating the program contact Pattie Dupuis: (802) 477-1343 or

Sign up to get notified when the application is made available. Downstreet is administering this program on behalf of the State of Vermont for Washington, Orange, and Lamoille counties only. For other counties, please see the list of providers on their website.


Updated as of 12/23/2020


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