3E Thermal Project Services Manager


  • DATES OF POSTING:  2.2.23 – 2.8.23, Open Until Filled
  • POSITION: 3E Thermal Project Services Manager
  • LOCATIONS:  Gable Place/Barre, VT
  • PROGRAM: Weatherization
  • SCHEDULE:   Full Time, Regular, 40 hours a week
  • CLASSIFICATION: Exempt (Salary)
  • WAGE:  $60,000 - $70,000

Capstone Community Action is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider. Applications from women, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and people from diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged.

Send cover letter and resume to: jobs@capstonevt.org


  • Program:     3E Thermal    
  • Job Title:     Project Services Manager                  Pay Grade:     NA     
  • Last Review Date/Update/Change of Job Description:      June 27, 2019            

-Pay Grade applies only to Union Positions and is determined by required education.   Please see AFSCME Wage Scale.

General Statement: 

3E Thermal (“3E”) is a statewide partnership of Weatherization program operators, efficiency programs, and housing agencies. It coordinates and augments these programs to achieve deeper energy retrofits in Vermont’s affordable multifamily housing stock. 3E also assists the Vermont Weatherization Assistance Program in implementation of its multifamily protocols.

This position provides close-support supervision of energy efficiency improvements in retrofit projects, tailored to meet the needs of each project and owner/developer.  Duties include:

  • conducting analysis and coordinating with partners, outside consultants, project design           team, and owner/developer to develop efficiency improvements workscope;
  • determining 3E incentive funding commitment on projects;
  • reviewing, vetting, and providing sample specifications, as needed;
  • monitoring projects and conducting regular inspections from audit through completion;
  • back-office project management including tracking and reporting.

The Project Services Manager must exercise discretion and independent judgment to determine work scopes, execute legally binding agreements, and commit 3E funding resources to projects.  The position reports to the 3E Project Director and collaborates daily with the Senior Technical Manager and other staff. It is based in Barre with opportunity for telecommuting; considerable in-state travel in employee’s personal vehicle is expected (mileage paid).

Essential Functions:

  1. Establish rapport and maintain contact with developers and partners throughout project until final completion. Provide individualized support, teamwork, and leadership as necessary to expedite projects. Seek guidance from, and provide guidance to, staff in partner agencies and architects, engineers and other agents of the owner/developer.
  2. Inspect project buildings before, during and after construction.
  3. Understand and be able to perform fuel-usage disaggregation, heat-loss modeling, and budget cost estimates, and savings projections.
  4. Lead “project meetings” with owner/developer and partners, using 3E building modeling software to determine work scope, budget cost estimates and funding allocations, including 3E incentive commitment. Clarify tasks and set timelines for deliverables.
  5. Review and research proposed workscope, specifications, bids and contracts for adherence to code, best practices, funding requirements and practicality of installation. Adapt or compose specifications as necessary.
  6. Support or lead developers as needed through contracting process, including selection of contractors to solicit, pre-bid site walkthroughs, pre-construction meeting, and evaluation of bids, contracts and submittals.
  7. Determine inspection schedule, and conduct site inspections, in collaboration with local Weatherization auditor or multi-family specialist.
  8. Authorize payment of 3E incentives, after verifying achievement of milestones.
  9. Maintain database and other organized records to report progress weekly. Adjust and develop systems and protocols as appropriate to streamline and facilitate project flow and to ensure quality control. Collect fuel data and review past projects to assess actual savings.
  10. Assist Project Director and other 3E staff as needed to meet goals and comply with reporting requirements.

Other Duties:

  1. Work as team member to support mission and goals of CAPSTONE and 3E.
  2. Coordinate with consultants, architects, engineers, etc. to design and execute work.
  3. Other duties as assigned in conformance with CAPSTONE policies and procedures.


  1.    Demonstrated knowledge of techniques and practices typical in residential and multifamily construction, and of building science and energy performance analysis.
  2.    Excellent writing, editing, and oral communication skills. Very good computer skills (file organization, word processing, spreadsheet, database, project scheduling, email, internet search, electronic calendar).
  3.    Ability to work constructively with variety of colleagues and organizations in a variety of settings – office, field, in person, by phone, video conference, etc.
  4.    Well organized. Ability to assume responsibility and work independently with minimal direction. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and to set and follow deadlines.
  5.    Experience in construction management or building contracting, or efficiency program management, energy audits, or similar.
  6.    Bachelor degree. High school diploma considered with appropriate experience. Professional certification in relevant field is preferred.
  7.     Must have reliable, insured personal vehicle and valid driver’s license, and be willing and able to travel frequently to job and meeting sites statewide.

    Location: Barre, Vermont

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