Energy Efficiency Education

From the basics to more advanced topics, we empower homeowners, renters and the community to improve their own homes energy performance, saving money and resources.

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Overview-Energy Efficiency Education

Our education and trainings provide practical hands-on tools and techniques to help Vermonters improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  From our Skillshops and Button Up workshops to our roving Home Energy Makeover Trailer, you are bound to find the right training program that meets your needs.  

Button Up VT

Button Up

Button Up Vermont is an educational workshop designed to help Vermont homeowners understand the steps they can take to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable.

It's a 90-minute session, taught by a local professional certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI). It's designed for Vermont homeowners, with information in layman's language, and has plenty of information to help you take the right actions in your home - starting with an energy assessment.

It starts with an overview of the ways Vermont homes use energy, and the opportunities for each of us to save on heating and cooling energy. In the presentation, the presenter will explain the way your house works as a system to move air through the building, and explain how proper air-sealing and insulation can work to reduce your home's energy needs.

There's a Q&A section, and attendees will be able to get their questions answered and figure out the resources they need to get started on saving energy and saving money.

Check our events page to find a Button Up Vermont workshop near you. Or, if there isn't one scheduled yet, inquire to host a Button Up Vermont workshop in your community?


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Weatherization Skillshop


Weatherization Skillshops give people with basic building and home repair skills a solid building science background and the skills needed to make specific energy-saving home improvements. You can learn core fundamentals through how-to demonstrations and hands-on skill building to begin improving building efficiency on your own.

Make your home more comfortable, reduce your fuel use, and save money! Attend a Skillshop and learn the advanced skills you need to tackle many energy improvements in your home.

Designed to build off the successful Button-Up program, Weatherization Skillshop is a statewide educational program created by Capstone Community Action and funded through Vermont's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, with the goal of helping Vermonters understand how to improve energy efficiency in their homes, and to address non-complex weatherization problems.

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Home Energy Makeover Trailer

The Home Energy Makeover Trailer Tours Vermont and trains lots of folks about how to save money on energy bills and increase home comfort. 

What’s the Home Energy Makeover Trailer?

We created the Trailer to serve a dual purpose: training weatherization contractors, and helping homeowners understand the savings opportunities found in their homes.  The trailer interior is designed to demonstrate a typical New England home from 15 years ago. Throughout the trailer, signs point out opportunities for air-sealing and insulation within your basement, living areas and attic.

The trailer is also a valuable hands-on resource that allows us to show-and-tell – and then train using the props (which fit neatly inside the trailer for transport). Try your hand at using a single-part foam gun, cutting flashing to create a ‘dam’ around a chimney, cut and install rigid insulation in the basement prop.

When people tour the trailer exhibit, they tell us about their home and what their concerns are, and they walk away with a new understanding – that most homes need energy efficiency upgrades, all homes are different and require different solutions, and improvements start with an energy assessment conducted by a certified contractor.

The trailer has been on the road since the end of September, 2011, and we are conducting trainings around the state. We’re proud to present the promise of energy efficiency upgrades and how they improve buildings and lives of Vermonters by saving money on energy costs.


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