Assessment and Evaluation

Using in-depth interviews, thorough document reviews, and systems analysis, Capstone Consulting develops detailed assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of an agency and its operations to arrive at practical recommendations to strengthen your organization.

Overview-Assessment and Evaluation

Community Action Agencies are seeing a growing need for their services as the economy only slowly recovers.  Unfortunately, this growing need is not being matched by growing sources of revenue.  This ‘squeeze’ of increasing need without increasing revenues means that it is vital for Community Action Agencies to function as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Seasoned Community Action leaders at both the local and state levels know that an objective agency-wide assessment can be an invaluable tool for strengthening an organization and preparing it to meet the challenges ahead.  In addition, an overall agency assessment can help an agency prepare for meeting (and exceeding!) Community Action Performance Standards, ROMA Next Generation expectations, and adapt to changing funding source requirements.



Services-Assessment and Evaluation

Capstone Consulting can work with Community Action Agencies and State CSBG offices to conduct a thorough examination of systems and programs to determine:

  • How are agency fiscal, governance, and management systems working?
  • What systems need attention and which are functioning well?
  • Is the agency structured in such a way to promote communication, reduce duplication, and support innovation?
  • Are agency programs being operated in compliance with funding source requirements?
  • Is the agency being managed in a fiscally-sustainable manner?
  • How can agency capacity be strengthened and improved?

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